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Valley Trails Overview

One of AVI's longest and largest projects has been the construction of a multi-purpose, multi-phased network of hiking, biking and educational trails in Andrews that will ultimately link neighboring towns and provide a greenway system. The goal for our trail system is an emphasis on alternative transportation and providing a historic and environmental learning experience for visitors, local residents and our students.

The "Ball Field" trail on Robbinsville Road. Adjacent to the Valley River is a paved, level, half mile trail around the softball field, featuring a handicapped equipped fishing pier, landscaping, benches and fencing. To access the trail, turn onto Wilhide Street and park in the designated spots. The trail begins just behind the sign.

The "Freedom Memorial Pavilion" trail linking the "Old School House Hill", site of the Freedom Memorial Pavilion, to the Andrews Elementary and High Schools. Starting at the intersection of High School Drive and Smith Street is a paved, level trail along the edge of the property and leading to the pavilion on "Old School House" hill at Walnut Street.

The "Heritage Park" trail is a gravel, level trail around the perimeter of the 32 acre park that lies between the Andrews Recreation Park and the Andrews Rest Area.

The Heritage Park Disc Golf Park lies along the trail, providing a fun and free way to enjoy the approximately mile long trail. To access the trial, park in the Andrews Recreation Park parking lot and walk between the swimming pool and the ball field towards the bridge and temporary entrance.

Photos courtesy of Ellen Schofield